With access to Spotify, Sirius XM, Pandora, Tidal, and Apple Music, it must be really easy to DJ, right?  With some of these apps, a playlist is generated for you- couldn’t you just bring your computer, plug into a sound system, and go?  NOPE!  Because, that wouldn’t be legal. In the US,  DJs are required […]

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Actively DJing…NOT Streaming

This industry chose Ran. It began about 18 years ago when he MC-ed charitable events with organizations such as the American Cancer Society and the United Way. Because of Ran’s past experience with hosting a music video television show and being a musician for multiple national performing groups over the years, they began to ask […]

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How Did I End Up in This Industry?- Ran’s Story

Being the daughter of a musician, it was inevitable that I would be very attracted to music and in turn, the DJ business. At the age of 13, my dad purchased a computer and desk and set it up in the office, right next door to the studio.  He suggested that I could help by […]

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How Did I End Up in This Industry?- Niki’s Story

As a sound and lighting technician, Faylon enjoys working for the company because he is able to use his talents. Faylon has a keen ear for sound quality and creates exceptional light shows for events. He’s has always been creative and drawn to the arts.  He began playing the bongos at the age of 3 […]

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How Did I End Up in This Industry?- Faylon’s Story