It’s the big wedding and event boom! Vendors are busier than ever. The bad news is, with the huge number of projected weddings this year- vendors are overwhelmed. There’s a lack of internal organization and workflows as well as communication with you- the paying client! The amount of customization and attention to your unique event […]

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Why Not Getting a Timely Reponse is BS- And What You Should Do Instead

We service couples from all different ages and walks of life. We can’t assume that the same playlist is going to appeal to everyone- because it won’t.  Maybe we’re DJing for a groom that is 18-years-old and is getting married before he’s deployed.  Perhaps we’re employed by a couple who is 65; reunited high school […]

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Personalizing the Experience

What makes you stand apart from your competitors? It’s no secret that this industry is very saturated!  The difference with A Ran is that we personalize the experience for our clients. Our testimonials are more than one generic comment. They’ll speak to how invested and prepared we are as well as how we make events […]

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What Makes You Stand Apart From Other DJs?

We are very proud to say that we are family-owned and operated!  Ran, the Head DJ and Founder of our company, is my father.  Faylon, our Assistant DJ, Light, Sound, & Equipment Manager, is my brother.  In other words, our team is father, daughter, and son.  You can read more about each of our stories […]

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Benefits of a Family Business