It’s no secret that smaller guest counts are popular and, in some instances, necessary. “In regards to the COVID era, smaller guest counts can potentially allow for better social distancing if you wish to go mask-less and provide a more comfortable environment for all guests (depending on venue and municipal regulations of course!). Weddings were […]

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Small Weddings Still Need DJs

The DJ’s role expands beyond providing  entertainment.  Did you know they can also be hired to help boost consumer sales?   “Insiders are beginning to realize that the human brain activates in ways that deeply increase business if a live DJ is present playing music in real time…,” states Lauren deLisa Coleman- Former Contributor for Forbes.  […]

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DJs Boost Economy

It’s a bit of an adjustment, as someone who’s usually employed to pack the dance floor, to be operating during a time of social distancing.  But, as the saying goes, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”  So, we pivot and we press on.  Here’s how A Ran Music Service is handling operations during COVID […]

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Dancing During COVID

“Music is the soundtrack of our lives” This quote has been accredited to Dick Clark, Tavis Smiley, Nathan East, and even Michael Jackson. Scientifically, there are so many benefits to music that it should be a staple of our everyday routines. Benefits of Music: 1. Music Helps With Concentration & Memory A study conducted by […]

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Why Music?