David M., Owner of Summit Manor

It has been a few years since our wedding and we so often look back with fond memories of the big day. A Ran was a major part of the success. As someone in the wedding business, when it came to my big day we were very picky about everything. We had seen it all and wanted the best. A Ran never let us down! I first met A Ran Music Service when they were working as DJs at our venue and was impressed from the very beginning with their attention to detail, positive attitude, and genuine concern for the best possible outcome for the client. They were on time, organized, and worked very well with our staff. When a last minute change occurred regarding the sound for the client's wedding ceremony, their response was, "Not a problem. We have it covered." Once the dance started, it was clear that they knew how to work a crowd and get everyone on the floor in a fun, but professional manner. They truly made the night. We are proud to have them on our preferred vendor list and I even hired them for my wedding! They are professional almost to a fault and have nothing but the best for you in mind. We were so proud to look at all of our wedding pictures and see so many people dancing and having so much fun. Ran is a class act top to bottom!

photo courtesy of Rat Race Studios



We hired A Ran Music Service as DJs for my daughter's wedding and could not have been more satisfied. They consistently performed services that were above and beyond what we contracted them for. When it started to rain they allowed us to move the outdoor wedding inside and use their sound equipment to perform the ceremony. They really saved the day! They provided us with excellent sound and lighting equipment that helped contribute to a memorable evening.

- Grant N.
father of the bride

A Ran is awesome. Not just in their professional performance, but in the highly personalized touches and care to detail that make your event into "The Event". We recently contracted them for our wedding and were pretty nervous about our big day. Each of them were so helpful and accommodating from the beginning consultation thru the reception finale. They do not take their jobs lightly and are always willing to jump in and help in any capacity to make certain everything is flawless.

- daren d.


- Missy R.

We LOVED working with Niki, Ran & Faylon from A Ran Music Service!! We looked at a few other vendors but once we sat down with Niki and Ran, it was no contest and we instantly knew they were the ones for our wedding. We walked away from our first meeting thinking, "Wow! They will be so much fun!" and they truly were. As most couples probably say, music and dancing was a very important part of our day. We wanted our guests to hear songs that brought back memories of years passed mixed in with fun songs from today. Niki and Ran took this as a challenge to put together a wonderful mix of songs for the dinner and the reception. We had folks dancing through every song with smiles ear to ear. Such a fun night! As far as appointments and planning, this was all easy and organized by Niki. She answered all emails within the day even within hours which was very helpful. They provide a large listing of music they have which allowed us to get ideas on formats and styles to choose from. We were given the option of free downloads with the package we had plus they have different lighting and sound (bigger speakers, etc) to choose from. They helped us choose the best package which was perfect for our venue. Just right for the size of our venue and not over the top like you see at some weddings. We had so many compliments on the music and walked with not only a great reception but also some new friends. Do not hesitate on making a decision to use A Ran Music Service....they will accommodate and make your day extra special!!!



Niki and all at A Ran were amazing to work with throughout the entire process. We came in with some eclectic music choices that we wanted to hear and they were able to meet all of our requests. Niki even took the time to fill in the gaps with other song suggestions and make the soundtrack flow throughout the night. We appreciated the personal touch and the flexibility. Communication was great throughout and we owe a big thank you to A Ran Music Service for making our day so special.
Highly recommend!

- TRENT b.

We were blown away by the service from A Ran Music for our wedding! We hugely appreciated how flexible they were with changing our wedding date due to the COVID pandemic, and we were so touched when they went above and beyond by working with us to incorporate Korean and Taiwanese music into their playlists, which was important to us to include our heritages on our big day. And of course once dancing started, they nailed the mood of the crowd and the dance floor was packed! Would definitely go with A Ran again if we had to do it all over.

- alex k.


Autumn O.

My partner and I were in a bind after our previous DJ ended up cancelling on us a couple of weeks before our wedding, and A Ran came through for us in a big way! Not only did they travel up to Duluth, but they made us feel as if we had been working with them all along! Niki was so kind and helpful throughout the entire process. We really enjoyed being able to discuss our music tastes in detail prior to the wedding. Thank you so much A Ran!!!

Photo Courtesy Of The Autumn Dog Studio

LOVED THESE GUYS! They were so fun and did an amazing job, contributing to our perfect day! They were so accommodating and helpful. Everything ran so smoothly. They took care of everything!

- GWen H.

We hired A Ran Music for our wedding and they were fantastic! Niki was so easy to work with. We had a chance of rain so they were prepared to do music both inside and out! The whole family is VERY easygoing and ready to "go with the flow". I am very appreciative of everything they did! THANK YOU!

- Sarah J.

A Ran Music Service was very great at making our wedding day go smoothly! They were able to seamlessly transition from playing music cues in an outdoor ceremony, along with mixing live music, to having music for the reception and dance!
Overall, THEY DISPLAYED PROFESSIONALISM AND COMMITMENT to excellence throughout the whole day!


They did a fantastic job! They were incredibly professional and had a lot of experience to help me feel like I could leave the night in their hands. Awkward silence was one thing I absolutely did not want and I didn’t have any! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!


I CAN'T TELL YOU HOW AMAZING THESE PEOPLE ARE! So friendly and patient. They make sure that you are happy with everything and they answer to you in a matter of no time! The music that was played at the wedding was amazing! Thank you guys so much!!!!



- Claudia S.

A Ran Music Service is something special! They have an amazing ability to read the crowd and keep the party going! I was especially blown away by the way they run their business. As someone who hates feeling unorganized and unprepared, A Ran Music service was everything I needed in a DJ. I was always able to count on a quick response during the planning and on the day of they were able to seamlessly go with the flow whenever there was a slight change in plans. Thanks for a great time!!

photo courtesy of Andrew Vick Photography

Absolutely PERFECT! A Ran Music Service made my wedding service, cocktail reception, and dance exactly what I was envisioning - and on short notice! Niki provided a guide for me to fill out ahead of time with cues for music, speaking roles, ambiance desired during different parts of the day, etc. It made planning the ceremony a breeze! The day of, the crew was dressed professionally and were 100% prepared for all of their music cues. I was able to choose from a HUGE, but not overwhelming, library of songs and had a few added for when our guests were being seated and during the reception. At the dance, which was at a different location from the ceremony, they were able to read the mood of the crowd perfectly and chose songs that kept the dance floor filled the entire night!! At the end of the evening, they gave me a CD with all of the songs I had requested for special moments during the day. It was a wonderful token from them and I love listening to our wedding songs in my car! I HIGHLY recommend A Ran Music Service. They are skilled, professional, fun, have affordable pricing, and are easy to work with. Thank you for helping make my wedding perfect!!

- Ana Maria G.

Working with Niki at A Ran set the standard for working with all of our vendors. She was so attentive to detail, super responsive, excellent overall communication, and really led us through all the decisions on music. She made every effort to help us think through the music that would make our day special for the bride and groom and not just a generic playlist. On the day - she was just as lovely as I expected - professional and friendly. Was able to adjust with schedule and plan changes as they came up. She is one of those vendors you can absolutely count on, start to finish, and not have to worry at all. Honestly - you couldn't be in better hands. She read the room throughout the night and catered to the likes of the crowd and created an excellent party vibe. We had music from the Rat Pack during cocktail hour, to strings during dinner, to a full on dance party that worked for the 20 something crowd as well as the 50+ crowd. Truly a great night!

- Kathryn K.
mother of the bride

A Ran Music Service was professional, punctual and fun! They worked very closely with the bride and groom as well as myself, the Event Coordinator, in order to bring about a great wedding day for the couple. The whole team took directions and alterations very smoothly. Lastly, they deeply cared about every detail of their job. The DJ who announced names of the wedding party during the entrance made a point to double check with everyone in the wedding party that she was pronouncing their names correctly. Overall the team was wonderful to work with and everyone enjoyed the music late into the night.

- Elizabeth G.
Event Coordinator

The DJ was actually one of the vendors we were most nervous about because, from what we could tell, they all seemed the same (and mediocre). When we received the recommendation to try A Ran, we met with them and were immediately impressed. Beyond just knowing their stuff, they seemed to have a passion for music, a love of their job, and seemed really keen on personalizing the experience. As a plus, they have a personal relationship with our venue, so they knew the rather unique venue space very well. After the first meeting, we continued to be impressed with the company (especially Niki who is the main contact). She is very responsive to emails, cares a lot about making the experience unique to you, is highly professional, and is generally just great to work with. Because the music was so important to us, we still were not 100% sure how it would go on the big day. Well, it couldn't have gone better! A Ran did both the ceremony and reception seamlessly. On top of this, they were just really on-top of making sure everything went smoothly (at one point I saw one of them cleaning up spilled drinks on the dance floor). We were incredibly impressed at how well they were able to make our wedding music fun for both of us as well as our guests when our music tastes are so different from each other and most of the guests. We highly recommend A Ran!! Here are some benefits of going with them: Very professional, eager to give assistance and recommendations, easy to work with, and they’re a unique company. They aren't some large company that will give you some random DJ. They have been doing this a long time, and you can meet with them before your wedding. They are customized to you - you won't have to hear the same songs that are at every wedding ever if you don't want to. You receive three DJs (for the price of one) who will work your event. They are reasonably priced and affordable and will go above and beyond the day of your wedding.

- Erik and martie


Melissa L.

A Ran Music service was raved about after the wedding was over! They kept everyone dancing and the vibe upbeat! They also created a CD at the end of night with our songs we chose throughout the night. I am so glad we chose them for our DJ!



Very professional and easy to work with. They had EVERYBODY OUT ON THE DANCE FLOOR all night long. We enjoyed them so much at my daughter's wedding that we hired them again for my son's wedding.

Father of the Bride

I have nothing but praise for the quality of the service and attention to detail that A Ran Music Service brought to our wedding. We didn’t make it easy on them, giving them a list of songs five pages long! (What can I say we love music..) They were awesome to work with, easy going, and cater to a wide variety of music tastes. There was not a moment where people weren’t smiling or singing along with every song transitioning smoothly to the next encouraging everyone to dance and have a great time. If you are searching for a DJ, I would whole heartedly recommend calling them.



- caroline c.

A Ran is organized, professional, well priced and really good at reading their crowd. They were easy to work with and downloaded our preferred songs - they offer 5 downloads for free, but they also send you their entire music library, so you can plan ahead with songs you like. They also have you complete a form that allows you to choose songs for them to play and songs for them to avoid. I was most impressed however, that THEY REALLY UNDERSTOOD WHAT SONGS TO PLAY TO KEEP OUR CROWD ON THE DANCE FLOOR. Best of all, they made us a CD of some of the songs of our wedding including our First Dance, Last Dance, FOB and MOB dance songs. A sweet gesture that we will play to remind us of the day.

photo courtesy of Amber McLaughlin Photography



We were so happy with A Ran!!!! From the first moment we called to the last dance- everything was perfect. They made our dream wedding at Summit Manor all we hoped it would be. They are so nice and seem so willing to do anything to make the reception better. We did have them play the music for our ceremony as well as dance and everything was flawless and fun. Fun is the word... wow did they get everyone out on the dance floor. Highly recommend!!!

- erin m.

We are so beyond thankful to A Ran music service. They were wonderful and made our wedding perfect. They provided the best service to us and even helped out throughout the night. They played a great variety of music to keep our dance floor PACKED! They also were flexible and took song requests throughout the night. Niki was great to work with and responded right away to any questions I had. They were beyond professional and helpful. We would HIGHLY recommend them! We are so glad they were a part of our big day!

- taylor w.


mother of the bride

Orchestrated our wedding event this last weekend, entertained the guests and kept the floor hopping. Being so well tuned to the room, they even helped when the littlest of guests became a little too overwhelmed. Music matters, and the talents of this team makes the difference! Thank you.

photo courtesy of Amber McLaughlin Photography

THEY DID A FANTASTIC JOB AT MY RECEPTION. They kept things moving and got people out on the floor. One of the guests is even issuing them at an upcoming event!

- Ashley M.

I used A Ran Music Service for my oldest and youngest daughter's weddings. They gave me a great rate and both of my daughters were very happy. EVERYONE HAD A GREAT TIME!

- wayne a.
father of the bride

You made our 50th wedding anniversary very special. WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN THE SAME WITHOUT YOU! The music was exactly what I wanted. Could not have been any better. Thank you so much!

- Keith S.

A Ran did a great job for our daughter's wedding.  I would recommend them without any hesitation. Niki was great to work with; she was patient, helpful, and flexible during the planning as well as on the wedding day. She and her colleagues were on-site and ready to go well in advance of when they needed to be. I particularly appreciated the way A Ran worked with me for best use of the mic during my reading. They spent a fair amount of time with me to identify the best placement as well as to teach me the best way to speak into the mic. My initial test didn't go very well; however, as a result of their guidance, everyone was able to hear and understand everything I said during the ceremony. Our daughter had a themed wedding and selected a song to match her theme. Niki searched and found additional songs to match the theme, just an extra touch. We received several compliments from guests on the music.

- Pat S.
mother of the bride

A Ran Music Service did a fantastic job at our wedding. We had our service in one room and reception in another. They brought two systems and had them ready to go in a couple of hours. We didn’t have dancing so we asked for more diner music and they delivered. It was a great night, they were very professional and they did everything we asked for. They did music, made all cues, MC’ed, and even found time to positively interact with guests when time allowed. We also made some minor adjustments to time and they were able to handle all the curve balls we threw at them. If you are looking for some on time, professional DJs, these guys can do it!

- Matt K.


- Jamie j.

We recently got married and we cannot say enough good things about A Ran Music Service. We knew at our wedding not a lot of people were going to be dancing and that we didn't want the music so loud that we weren't able to hear when we were talking to our guests. They did an amazing job! The music was the perfect volume the whole night, they played great songs and had great sound quality. They also engaged the kids that were dancing, which everyone thought was adorable. Also, my husband and I don't like speaking in front of people, so they did all the announcing for the dinner and dances, which we greatly appreciated. Niki did a great job of speaking. I would definitely use them again in an event. Thank you for making our day special!



They were so wonderful and so easy to work with! We (the wedding party) were running a bit late and they were all so patient and let us do our thing and just started everything when we were ready! Niki was really great with communicating before and during the wedding! They played awesome music and came up with alternative things because we didn't do the dollar dance. We did dollar kisses instead of glass clinging! It was a very creative and wonderful alternative!


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your production company for the wonderful job that you did at this year's Graco picnic. It is clear that A Ran Music Service has become an entertainment tradition for the annual Graco picnic. The music selections, interactive games, and involvement by Ran and company are just a few of the events that Graco employees and their families look forward to each year. We look forward to seeing you again next year.



I cannot say enough great things about A Ran Music Service! They were so professional and entertaining when they provided music services for my wedding in September. Niki was SO helpful (and patient) helping me with my song selections for my special day. Ran clearly loves what he does and is very passionate about the music and making sure everyone is enjoying themselves. Since they have so much experience within the music and entertainment industry, they were so helpful in keeping us on schedule and making things run seamlessly. I would highly recommend A Ran Music Service for your next event.

- Heather F.

photo courtesy of Ri & He Photography

I have experienced many evenings, including wedding parties, with A Ran Music Service. THEY ARE VERY ENGAGING AND EXCITING TO LISTEN TO - because they play upbeat and fun music, enjoy what they do, and enjoy the people. Knowing them for a lengthy time, I can confirm their love for music. It is what they do for enjoyment and livelihood. They are very good at it. Thank you for the opportunity to give them my thumbs up.


They had a real connection with our students and the dance was the largest attended. WE APPRECIATED THE EXTRA DETAIL that they gave to our kids and they had a great time.

-Robin H., Dean of Students for Edgewood Middle School

A Ran Music Service was very polite and professional to work with. Niki answered all of our questions well during our meeting with her, and they comforted us throughout the process that the day was going to go smoothly. From providing music and mixing live music in our outdoor ceremony, to playing fun music at our barn reception, A Ran Music Service was great to work with.


A Ran Music provided the music and DJ services for TWO weddings (for our sons) this summer & fall! Both were fabulous events, made even better by the professional and friendly service that Ran, Niki and Faylon provided! They arrived early and set up everything in plenty of time. The sound systems worked flawlessly. Their song choices and MC-ing were exactly what we asked for and kept the evenings flowing smoothly and helped make it lots of fun for everyone attending. I especially love that they are flexible and cater exactly to the wishes of the couple. I highly recommend this talented and friendly team for any event you may have!

- Sherry K.
mother of the groom

Thank you so much for being part of our big day! You guys really helped make our day perfect and magical. We appreciate all that you did for us. 
It was a pleasure working with you." 

- Andy & Emma G.


-  Jae M. 

We had a small wedding (55 guests) at the Bakken Museum this summer. We we're nervous about the DJ searching process because we wanted to find a DJ that understood the scale, setting and mood of our wedding. Niki and Ran both assured us that they love doing both small and large events. They had a small event package that worked perfectly for our wedding and we received so many compliments from our guests about the music selection A Ran played throughout the evening. I was most nervous about the dancing part of our reception and worried that none of our guests would want to get out on the dance floor. Thanks to the encouragement they received from Niki and Ran and the awesome music they chose, our guests danced the night away!