It’s important for your DJ to be familiar with your venue.  There are many reasons why he or she should know the space including: Analyzing the acoustics to know how to adjust and mold the sound Noticing the rules in regards to decibel levels Providing a copy of the company’s Certificate of Liability Insurance (if […]

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Have You DJed at My Venue Before?

A code of ethics is a business text that outlines professional values that employees and representatives are expected to follow. It specifically centers on what is required during customer/client interactions. The code creates standards that hold business representatives responsible.  (Read More in the Article: “What is the Purpose of a Code of Ethics?” By: Neil […]

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Code of Ethics

With access to Spotify, Sirius XM, Pandora, Tidal, and Apple Music, it must be really easy to DJ, right?  With some of these apps, a playlist is generated for you- couldn’t you just bring your computer, plug into a sound system, and go?  NOPE!  Because, that wouldn’t be legal. In the US,  DJs are required […]

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Actively DJing…NOT Streaming

This industry chose Ran. It began about 18 years ago when he MC-ed charitable events with organizations such as the American Cancer Society and the United Way. Because of Ran’s past experience with hosting a music video television show and being a musician for multiple national performing groups over the years, they began to ask […]

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How Did I End Up in This Industry?- Ran’s Story