French Meadow Bakery and Café began in 1985 as the first certified organic bread bakery in the USA.  Walking in, we were greeted by a huge chalk board full of delicious natural, local, organic food — including vegetarian, gluten-free, and vegan choices.  The selection of pastries on display made our mouths water.  Naturally, seeing  the […]

Venue Spotlight

Venue Spotlight- Nord Tasting Room & Nord Social Hall- Minneapolis, MN

Driving up the winding road to the clubhouse felt slightly regal.  Even before spring has completely sprung, the landscape and beauty of the area is impressive!  Clients fall in love with the scenery, and it’s no wonder why.  As bride Shanique W stated, “Perched perfectly on a hill overlooking the lake with its detailed wooden […]

Venue Spotlight

Venue Spotlight- Keller Golf Course & Clubhouse- Maplewood, MN

Immediately upon walking into the elegant, industrial venue, we felt a tranquil ,welcoming, cozy overtone.  There we were greeted by Jesse, the Event Director. To say that Jesse knows a thing or two about the event industry would be an understatement!  Having participated in approximately  600 events within a single year, Jesse knows what it […]

Venue Spotlight

Venue Spotlight- Northern Stacks Events- Fridley, MN

It’s no secret that smaller guest counts are popular and, in some instances, necessary. “In regards to the COVID era, smaller guest counts can potentially allow for better social distancing if you wish to go mask-less and provide a more comfortable environment for all guests (depending on venue and municipal regulations of course!). Weddings were […]

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